about_optionThe Calgary Nordic Alliance is looking for someone to fill a part-time contract position to coordinate the efforts of the volunteers who make skiing happen at Confederation Park Golf Course. If you are passionate about cross-country skiing right here in Calgary, enjoy working with volunteers, have excellent problem-solving skills and like working outside in the winter, read on and consider applying!

Operations Coordinator – Cross Country Ski Trails at Confederation Park Golf Course

This is a seasonal, part-time, community-oriented contract position to coordinate the volunteer efforts that make possible to deliver programs and run the Confederation Golf Course as a Nordic Sport Facility.   

Hours:  20 hours per week from November 1st 2018 to March 31 2019.

Reporting:  to Operations Director of the Calgary Nordic Alliance



  • Coordinate and assist volunteers with equipment load-in (equipment include trailers, track setters, snowmobiles, ATV and snow gun)
  • Coordinate with contractors and volunteers to set-up the facility infrastructure, including:
    • Parking lot lane marking
    • Fencing and porta-potty
    • Signage and trail marking
    • Lighting
  • Learn from and/or train, as necessary, volunteers, troubleshoot as required during set-up.
  • Verify all safety and health procedures are met during and after set-up.
  • Schedule training on safe handling of fuel and emergency response kit.

Day to day operations

  • Weekly email/phone/in-person discussions as necessary/pertinent to go over targets, equipment issues, fuel needs, and any safety concern with team leads from each group: snow-making, snow-farming, grooming, and gates.
  • Coordinate with volunteers the removal and set-up of the parking lot traffic markers for the snow clearing contractor. Act as fall back in case last-minute needed (in response to weather events).
  • Make sure facility user groups know how to access and use the facility appropriately.
  • Will communicate weekly with user group leads (FNSC, Space dogs, UofC, etc.) to follow up on any relevant issues arising from the use of the parking lot, storage and warming trailers (cleanliness, safety, heating, locking), lighting procedures, etc.
  • Will make sure all user group leads have the appropriate knowledge to operate the facility and are accountable for their groups use/misuse of the facilities.
  • Frequent facility walk-throughs and preventive implementation of safety measures as necessary
  • Assist with special event/program requirements as planned by the Nordic Alliance Events Committee
  • Determine proactively and in agreement with volunteer team leads, when additional contractor help is required to fulfill/complete any of the tasks described above. Agree on the contractor best suited for the task. Obtain and document the necessary budget approval from the Nordic Alliance Budget responsible person as required (if above predetermined amount, suggested $400/week discretionary spending).


  • Inventory of equipment and assets
  • Prepare and submit a report on the maintenance schedule of all equipment
  • Coordinate with volunteers for tear-down of site infrastructure, and with load-out of equipment and assets
  • Prepare a summary document with suggestions and ideas to improve the facility and the Operations Coordinator role for the next season

General Duties

  • Work with Volunteer Coordinators to provide feedback on volunteer requirements
  • Maintain documents including:
    • Invoices and receipts incurred over the course of operations and pre and post-season activities
    • Track time spent on tasks (timesheet)
    • Record of issues and their resolution
    • Documents on procedures and best practices as they are developed/contributed by volunteers


The ideal candidate for this contract has the following qualities:

  • Ability to listen and understand volunteer goals/motivations
  • Ability to motivate and inspire others
  • Love of winter sports in general and experience in cross-country skiing is a must
  • Good judgment in addressing communications: internal vs. external and group-specific vs. general information
  • Strong problem solver and trouble-shooter is an asset
  • Experience working with teams of volunteers is ideal
  • Able to work unsupervised
  • Able to respond assertively to unexpected situations arising from diverse groups/users/contractors. Examples are coordinating the repair of equipment that fails unexpectedly, a request for information from the Board of Directors or an external authority, a seemingly unfair complaint from a neighbor, the impact of an adverse weather event, etc.
  • Physically able to move throughout the facility and lift/move moderately heavy objects
  • Bondable


$25/h on a 20 h/week commitment from Nov 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter to Operations@nordicalliance.ca



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