February 10 grooming update: Nearly all the trails were groomed at least two passes for skate skiing this evening with the exception of the lower loop north of the driving range that wasn’t done at all . Track setting was partially completed, but we ran out of time! We hope to finish track setting Tuesday evening if the temperatures drop as predicted. The snow depth and skiing is great in the middle of the golf course with some thin areas along the outer loop along Bow Trail due to solar heating of both the asphalt and trees. Currently overall coverage is good with the usual thin sections on wind and solar-exposed areas such as Westgate Corner (SW corner of the golf course). Colder temperatures would be preferred but considering all the Chinook temps we’ve had, the skiing is awesome!

One thought on “Shag Grooming Update

  1. Thank you for the updates. What a great season. Can we get updates for Maple Ridge Golf Course? I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to reach out to Calgary Recreation and include their grooming efforts in your reporting.


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