Grooming has started at Confederation but it has very mixed conditions. The driving range and the blue and green trails have been groomed. The north slopes on these trails have the best coverage. They do cross paved and gravel pathways in places with some exposed areas so caution is advised especially if skiing at night. Best to ski first time during the day to know where hazards are. Some areas that are sun exposed or south facing have next to no snow.

The yellow and purple trails have not been groomed yet as they generally have less snow and gets more sun.

Snow farming has been done in the driving range and has good coverage and tracks were even set in a few places. The combination of the blue/green/orange trail is in the process of being farmed to create a connector to the north facing trails of the blue and green trails. In total about 1km of trail has been snow farmed.

Snow farmed orange trail being groomed Nov 25
Sow farming done on Nov 23. Pic taken on Nov 25
Example of sun exposed south facing area

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